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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic hockey showdown: Canada, Russia, America offer best men’s hockey teams

Olympic Hockey offers three strong teams
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Olympic hockey has to be one of the most popular sports in the upcoming 2014 Sochi Olympics. When the puck drops on the ice in Sochi, the fans know it is time to get serious. The Olympics has been notorious for having the hockey fans cheering on around the world and this year is no exception. While the countries are sending their best athletes, the men’s hockey teams have three teams that are exceptional. According to ABC News on Tuesday, Canada, America and Russia have the most popular teams at the Olympics and are favored to medal.

Team USA finished in 2010 with the Silver medal and in 2014 the team definitely has something to prove. The decision on who to send to the Olympics raised a few eyebrows, but the toughness of the team might make medal material. It would be nice to see America take down Canada and every fan hopes for this match up in 2014.

Canada returns to the ice rink as the Olympic champions. They have some of the best strength on their team and these athletes are ready to defend the gold. Watching Canada at the 2014 Olympics might be some of the best games and are expected to medal once again.

Russia rounds out the top three and being they have home country advantage for the Olympics, the pressure is on. In Vancouver the team didn't medal, but everyone expects to see some serious action in the rink in Sochi.

If Russia, America or Canada find themselves competing in the final game, some are predicting high ratings for Olympic viewership. The competition between the rivals make the games exciting and no matter who you cheer on, it’s great action on the ice.

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