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Olympic hockey semifinal loser to get Justin Bieber? USA must beat Canada

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Olympic hockey fans are definitely getting a good laugh out of the latest Justin Bieber joke going around on social media. Apparently the loser of the semifinals game on Friday, with USA against Canada, must take Justin Bieber home with them. The laugh out loud thought has people thinking that this loser takes Bieber isn't such a bad idea. According to Fansided on Thursday, Justin Bieber has duel residency and overall it seems like a fair bet.

The stakes of the Olympic hockey game between Canada and USA already has the Prime Minister and President Obama betting and fans are clearing their schedules for Friday’s game. So adding Justin Bieber to the mix sounds like a good deal. The entertainer seems to have stayed out of the spotlight over the past few weeks, but as hockey fans point out he might be enticement to win. It's important to point out the idea of Justin Bieber being part of a Olympic bet is merely a joke, but don't you wish it was true?

Will USA beat Canada in the semifinals game? Here’s to hoping and if the American men don't win maybe they should be made to listen to the entertainer’s music on an endless loop during the nonstop flight home back to the USA. By the time they make it back to America it would be likely they could sing all the words of Bieber’s music!