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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Hockey referee hit by puck in groin; NBC video shows man doubled over

Olympic hockey referee hit by puck in groin
Olympic hockey referee hit by puck in groin
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The USA hockey game against Russia was brutal on Saturday. Forget the competitive nature of the players for a minute and take a look the referee who was hit below the belt. That puck hit the groin area and got the sympathy of the fans. With so much hoopla and excitement about the game, it seems the Swedish referee hasn't gotten his time in the spotlight to share how it looks to be hit with a fast moving puck during the game. Never fear, NBC Olympics posted the new video Saturday and the video shows the moment when the referee has to stop the game to regroup after being hit in the groin.

The first period of the exhilarating game between Team USA and Russia was intense. The puck was flying everywhere as the teams were trying to dominate the game. The fans watched as the players were quickly moving the puck. The referee hit came toward the corner of the ice, near the net and it was a direct blow below the belt. Immediately after contact, the guy doubled over in pain.

Nobody likes to see such a tough hit for anyone trying to referee the game, but somehow the official was able to walk it off (or technically skate it off) and the game got started once again. As fans looked on it was Team USA who beat Russia in a highly competitive game that ended in a shootout. There is no doubt after the game the referee probably wanted to lay down and rest. A hit like that isn't pretty. Add a hockey competition to the equation and wherever the puck hit is definitely is going to leave a mark.