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Olympic hockey quarterfinals results: Final scores from men's hockey games

Olympic Hockey Quarterfinals Results
Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

The Olympic hockey quarterfinals results on Wednesday had a few shocking upsets. The Olympic hockey competition continues and with four games in one day hockey fans were flipping the TV channels back and forth consistently to keep up with all the action. Or just watching one Olympic hockey game completely and catching up on the highlights online. According to Bleacher Report on Wednesday the Olympic men's quarterfinals results offer a very exciting semifinal games.

The biggest game for American viewers had to be USA playing Czech Republic. It was a 5-2 win for the United States, but there was a few moments on the ice that made the fans wonder if the team was coming together well enough to win.

Another big game was Canada against Latvia. This game had the attention of America too, If the Canadian men won they would play against USA. In fact that is exactly what happened with a 2-1 score. So expect an epic showdown with Canada battling the USA.

One of the biggest upsets was the Russian hockey team who was defeated by Finland. Another massive disappointment by the Russians had the loyal Russian fans looking at the final score of 3-1. This ends the hope of getting a medal for the Russians who were playing in their home country.

The Swedish men blew out the Slovenia hockey team with a 5-0 score. Sweden might clearly be the hockey team to watch when it comes to the semifinals.

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