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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic hockey news: Jonathan Quick named starting goalie for Team USA

Jonathan Quick to start for Team USA as goalie
Jonathan Quick to start for Team USA as goalie
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Jonathan Quick hit the headlines on Wednesday morning for Team USA. Chosen as the starting goalie for the Olympic men’s hockey, the decision caught some people off guard. The Los Angeles Kings player will start for the U.S. against Slovakia and hockey fans around Southern California couldn't be happier to see Quick at the position. According to Yahoo News on Wednesday the decision had coach Dan Bylsma evading questions on the choice.

As fans look at the stats, the choice for goalie is critical. A larger, European-sized rink is being used and the home country, Russia, has an advantage as the games are in Sochi. Will Team USA go all the way with Jonathan Quick taking the ice as goalie first?

Waiting literally until the last minute to make the decision, the hockey news was what many viewers were not expecting to hear. Ryan Miller was the choice most thought would be the man at the goal first. Now that Jonathan Quick has been named, viewers don’t expect to see Miller until the medal rounds, if the team makes it that far.

The USA men’s hockey team arrived in Russia and have been in practice over the past few days. Working together as a team, instead of competing on the ice during the NHL season, the team is starting to bond and ready for the competition.