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Olympic hockey game changer? European-sized rink gives Team USA, Canada problems

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Olympic men’s hockey is the definite draw for all the Winter Games fans. In particular there are three teams that fans expect to hit the podium. Looking at the teams, it wouldn't be surprising if Canada, America or Russia will go home with the gold. While the teams are ready to fight it out on the ice, the hockey fans are considering the disadvantage that Canada and America is looking at before getting on the ice. According to Fox News on Tuesday, the European-sized rink will definitely give the Europeans an advantage.

The difference between the European-sized rink and a NHL rink? The European-sized rink is a combined 3,000 square feet larger than a NHL rink. This means the players who are speedskaters are harder to defend when coming to the net. Adding an extra 15 feet on each side, the large rink offers more possibilities to score and more room to maneuver.

With most of Team USA being from the NHL, the viewers are really hoping the men have made adjustments to this concern as it could make or break a game and everyone knows that the games on the ice will be some of the best during the Winter Games. More importantly fans in the United States are hoping Team USA makes it all the way to the gold!