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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic hockey fans protest at USA embassy? Russians angry over disallowed goal

Russian hockey players protesting at USA embassy in Moscow
Russian hockey players protesting at USA embassy in Moscow
Igor Eronko/Twitter

USA hockey fans might get a chuckle out of the protest in front of the American embassy on Monday. No there isn't any political policy concerns about the United States and nobody cares about Edward Snowden either. It’s all about Olympic hockey. Russian fans are substantially ticked off about that disallowed goal that might have cost them the Olympic game. USA won over Russia in a shootout and both Olympic teams have gone on to compete against different opponents. According to USA Today on Monday, the Russian hockey fans were in front of the USA embassy in Moscow protesting the decision of the disallowed hockey goal in the game last week.

From the looks of things, this appears to be a peaceful protest. However, the idea is pretty intriguing. It’s cold in Russia and people are lined up with signs and chanting concerns about a hockey game that happened a few days ago. Who are we to discount their voices? However we must suggest that it’s a little too late for this type of action.

The best part? Well a look at the signs will make anyone smile. Putting an over-sized image of the referee on the sign, some of the Russians are suggesting the man needs to get some glasses. Referee Brad Meier, who made the final decision, might not like seeing his face on such a large sign, but then again they always say the referees are the unsung heroes of the sporting world. That saying is no longer entirely true in Russia.

Moral of this story? Protesting over Olympic hockey is happening around the world. It could be happening days later, but it’s still happening.