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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic hockey bracket set; USA hockey team could face Canada before final game

Olympic hockey bracket set in Sochi
Olympic hockey bracket set in Sochi
Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

The Sochi Olympics men’s hockey bracket for medal rounds have been set and it looks like Canada and USA could have the rematch the viewers have been dreaming about. The bracket offers Sweden and the United States as the top two seeds, while Canada and Finland round out the top four. According to, the showdown between Canada and USA might come earlier than expected. The teams can meet in the semifinals, needing to go through each other to get back to the gold medal game.

On Sunday NBC Sports pointed out that the bracket is now locked. So there will not be adjusts per the rounds to assure that the highest seed team always plays the worst squad. This gives every Olympic hockey team a chance at the gold, but it is win or go home at this point.

One look at the Olympic hockey bracket and USA hockey fans realize the next week of Olympic hockey is going to be fierce. The competition begins again on Tuesday and with several interesting scenarios, the men could find themselves in another tough game similar to Russia. Do the viewers mind the competition? Not hardly! This is what Olympic hockey dream are made of in Sochi.

Will USA make it to the final game? The bracket holds the keys to that decision.