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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic hockey betting: White House bets beer on Team USA to crush Canada

Olympic men’s hockey team betting
Olympic men’s hockey team betting
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

USA hockey fans can hardly wait to bring home the gold. Even the White House is involved in giving the Olympic hockey teams a little incentive. On Thursday President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a little wager on the Olympic hockey game. Confident in the teams, it appears that a case of beer is on the line for the Olympic game outcome.

.@pmharper and I bet on the women's and men's US-Canada hockey games. Winner gets a case of beer for each game. #GoTeamUSA! -bo,” tweeted the White House from the official Twitter account on Thursday. Hopefully it will be some good beer as the chance to beat the other country is more about honor than a beverage.

While some Olympic fans might assume this bet is for the men’s semifinal game on Friday and that’s true, but the wager also applies to the women’s gold medal game. That game is on Thursday and is also between USA and Canada. Fierce competitors on every level, it seems that the politicians want to get involved in the Olympic fun by offering something unique as a wager.

So who will win in Olympic hockey? The Canadians are favored for the woman’s gold medal game and the men’s hockey game seems to be pretty even in comparison. It really could go either way and that is what makes the Olympic game so very exciting! Go Team USA!