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Olympic Games theme: 'Bugler's Dream' announces the Olympic Games

The majestic-sounding bugles announcing the Olympic Games is a musical piece entitled “Bugler’s Dream.” It was written by a French-born American musical composer named Leo Arnaud who wrote movie scores during his lengthy career in music.

Olympic Games
USA Today

Other than being the famed composer of the Olympic theme used by television networks ABC and NBC in the United States, he was nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar) for having arranged the music to the motion picture “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” That movie was released in 1964.

Arnaud’s “Bugler’s Dream” has been used as the Olympic theme music since the 1960s when ABC television network used the musical piece for the first time during its Olympic Game broadcasts. The catchy, majestic-sounding horns preceded by attention-getting timpani have introduced the Olympic proceedings ever since that initial use of the song.

Arnaud wrote “Bugler’s Dream” in 1958. He wrote the music for a composition entitled “Charge Suite.”

While there are other songs associated with the Olympic Games, Arnaud’s composition is – by far – the most popular and recognizable of the musical pieces associated with the Olympic events.

Arnaud was born July 24, 1904 and passed away on April 26, 1991.

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