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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic floral pattern pants? Fun Norway men’s curling team pants return (photo)

Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's Pants
Facebook/Ingvild Ekeli Skaga

The Olympic Norway men’s curling team pants are going to have the fans giggling. The team probably doesn't mind that though as they are drawing interest to the Olympic sport of curling at the Winter Games. The Norway curling team knows how to make a fashion statement and even in 2014 people are going to be talking about the pants. According to For the Win on Saturday the floral pattern pants probably could be mistaken for drapes. The rose-painting print —black and flowery — is traditional to Norway, but nobody could say for sure if people like wearing this pattern as pants.

The idea of wearing the fashion came from photographs. The “rose-painting knickers” or knee-length pants look quite comfortable. Add the tall white socks and the cap and these gentlemen are definitely going to attract attention on the ice (whether they want to or not.)

The chance to draw attention to curling by a little colorful fashion is quite creative. As fans watch dozens of athletes compete, it’s sometimes tough to decide what to watch. However if there is a little fashion going on with a team like the Norway men are sharing, who wouldn't want to spend a few minutes checking out the sport?

While it might be considered a mixed blessing, there is no word if the guys have matching sport coats with the knickers. If they did, it would be awesome, right?

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