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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic flame selfie trends on social media

One of the biggest trends at this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi is the selfie and those who can capture the Olympic flame in the background are elevating things to a whole new level. The battle to get the best shot posted to social media began over the weekend and will surely continue throughout the games.

The flame is the symbol of the Olympic Games and commemorates the ancient Olympics in Greece and the fire which burned throughout the ceremonies. This year’s torch arrived in Sochi Friday after a trip greater than 60,000 km which began in Greece and included stops at the North Pole and an unlighted trip into space.

It seems no one can stay away from the flame with tourists, locals, athletes and world leaders making their way to Olympic Park to include it in their latest selfie. From serious pictures honoring the games and the athletes to those who line themselves up to grab on and of course team pictures, everyone is posting their best selfie across social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

This year’s historic flame has been embraced by everyone and provides some unity to the games which have been a source of concern leading up to the Opening Ceremonies on Friday. Terror threats and concern for the treatment of gay athletes in Russia have already put a black mark on these games.

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