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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic figure skating: Yuna Kim practices her program in Sochi (photos)

Yuna Kim practices her Olympic figure skating program in Sochi
Yuna Kim practices her Olympic figure skating program in Sochi
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Yuna Kim is going to be one of the biggest star on the Sochi ice when Olympic figure skating starts this week. The defending Olympic champion Yuna Kim of South Korea has stiff competition and she knows she needs to do her best. According to ESPN on Monday, the figure skater will skate 17th in a field of 30 in the short program Wednesday at the Sochi Games.

While the ladies are going over their last minute routine, they have not been entirely hidden from the world. Even Yuna Kim is seen around the Olympics. Sharing a moment with the cameras on Tuesday, the star offered a few of the elements in her program and it was splendid to watch. Practicing for what might be the final time before the official competition, there isn't any doubt the Olympian knows her routine by heart.

As figure skating fans know, it might be difficult for Yuna Kim to make the podium in 2014. Stiff competition from the Russians and Americans will make it essential to have a perfect program! If it is her last time in the Olympics the fans will be wanting to see it live.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Yuna Kim practicing in Sochi a day before the women hit the ice for the figure skating program. She looks relaxed and ready to win!