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Olympic figure skating shock: Yulia Lipnitskaya falls again in free skate

Yulia Lipnitskaya falls during Olympic figure skating free skate
Yulia Lipnitskaya falls during Olympic figure skating free skate
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Olympic figure skating on Thursday saw two types of figure skaters on the ice. There was the mature, focused skaters and then there was the young, nervous athletes. Unfortunately for the figure skaters who were 15 or 16 years old their nerves meant falling on the ice. Yulia Lipnitskaya took a tumble on Thursday with her program in Sochi. According to the official Sochi Olympic scoreboard, the athlete got an overall score of 200.57. According to Hollywood Life on Thursday, the skater fell during the short program too.

Some viewers watching the Olympic figure skating might wonder if this means the figure skater is out altogether. This would be entirely inaccurate assumption. Falling does bring down the score, but it doesn't close the door for the possibilities of winning a medal.

The fall in the free skate program appeared to shake up Yulia Lipnitskaya’s performance substantially. Her initial time on the ice was solid and focused, but once she hit the ice her mental strength seemed lost and unaccounted for the remainder of her program.

Yulia Lipnitskaya will be seen in future figure skating events. The athlete is bound to see some medals in the future too. Hopefully when she hits the Olympic ice next time she finds herself in complete control and doesn't even worry about her nerves.