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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Figure skating scandal? Rumors of fixing sport disappoints Olympic fans

Are Olympic fans believing the latest fixing figure skating rumors?
Are Olympic fans believing the latest fixing figure skating rumors?
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Olympic figure skating rumors might travel faster than a Russian avalanche and there is an allegation that the teams might be fixing the score with an unwritten agreement. The two parties in the gossip is the American and Russian teams and the story goes that the teams were going to help each other in the team event and ice dancing leaving the Canadians in the dust. According to Bleacher Report on Saturday the U.S Figure Skating Association has denied any allegations, but that hasn't set well with the majority of figure skating fans watching the sport as the hint of accusations is always troublesome.

According to, the Canadian Olympic champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir would be the victims of the judging fixing in the alleged arrangements, but the article also points out there is no proof of fixing any scores. The team sport has 10 countries competing for gold, but the five top scorers will be at Sunday’s medal round.

So how did the rumors start? French magazine L’Equipe had a Russian coach as a source that discussed the alleged arrangement. Offering a look at the darker side of figure skating, it seems the rumors have attracted the attention of the world. Perhaps that is because it is a new event or maybe it is because the idea of figure skating is to be of beauty and precision on skates.

The idea of the countries working together might be far fetched, but it does offer a dark cloud over a debuted sport. Thank goodness the rumors were immediately debunked!