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Olympic figure skating offers Yuna Kim upset; Russians see Adelina Sotnikova win

Adelina Sotnikova upsets Yuna Kim in Olympic figure skating
Adelina Sotnikova upsets Yuna Kim in Olympic figure skating
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Olympic figure skating has a new gold medal winner as Adelina Sotnikova upset Yuna Kim in a very intense scoring situation. As viewers around the world watched, the decision of who was the gold medal winner on Thursday didn't happen until the final moments of the competition. According to USA Today on Thursday it was the 17-year-old Russian athlete who took home the gold in front of the home country audience in the Iceberg Skating Palace.

Yuna Kim skated effortlessly on the Sochi ice, but it wasn't quite enough for the win. Known for never caving to pressure, the skater was the last athlete in the competition. Giving the viewers a flawless program, the jumps were strong, the rotations were correct and the step sequence was exact. Yet it was slightly missing the gold mark. Yuna Kim ended up coming in second and winning the silver medal.

Adelina Sotnikova won the gold by sharing a perfect moment in time with the figure skating fans. Offering a graceful look and precise steps, it was enough to edge out the South Korean and give Russia the gold. Russian fans in the Iceberg Skating Palace didn't go home early like they did with other competitions. They stayed until the very end and cheered loudly when Kim’s score fell short of the gold.

Adelina Sotnikova upset Yuna Kim by winning the gold. Kim goes home proudly with the silver medal and Carolina Kostner takes home the bronze medal. The evening clearly was an upset, but for fans watching the live competition, it was great to see the women give everything they have for the gold medal!