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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic figure skating judges inflate scores? Russian judge has dishonest past

Adelina Sotnikova wins the gold in Olympic figure skating
Adelina Sotnikova wins the gold in Olympic figure skating
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Olympic figure skaters have just left the ice and there are already whispers about Olympic figure skating judging. Not just simple rumors, but people actually questioning intentions of a Russian judge who was suspended before. According to USA Today on Thursday, Americans are quietly asking if two of the nine judges allegedly fixed the competition. Or, as some people suggest, inflated the scores for the Russian skater Adelina Sotnikova to win.

Why such strong allegations only hours after the competition is over?

Apparently two of the Olympic figure skating judges have connections that could be considered suspicious. The first is the Russian judge who was previously suspended for a year after allegedly being caught fixing. Ukrainian Yuri Balkov allegedly was tape-recorded trying to fix a competition.

The other judge in question has close connections to the Russian government. Alla Shekhovtseva, a Russian judge who is married to the Russian federation's president.

It’s important to point out there is no proof that the scores were inflated or that allegations of the competition was fixed are true. Currently figure skating judges from around the world are weighing in on the competition suggesting that the gold, silver and bronze medal winners might be different if the games weren't played in Sochi.

Olympic figure skating has always been deeply embroiled in controversy. However usually it takes a week or two before rumors start popping up. In Sochi it only took a couple of hours!

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