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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic figure skating farts? Immature video offers odd noise to sport (video)

The Winter Games have people around the world watching the athletes, but so far it’s been a pretty calm week at the Sochi Olympics. The athletes have settled into the Olympic Village and everyone is already well into week one. While the medals are being handed out and the competitions are on track, it appears that a few fans are finding some amusement putting a spin on the Olympics competitions. On Wednesday, Buzzfeed reported that a new video had been released offering the idea that it could be an Olympic event.

Taking the Olympic program of a young ice skater, Jason Brown, someone decided to spice it up a little with some farting noises. Let us be completely frank. The idea is immature, perhaps borderline rude and unbelievable. It ruins such a great performance by the Olympic athlete.

However even after all that, the Olympic figure skate farting video is picking up steam and people around the world are checking out what can happen when an Olympic program has dubbed farting noises. While watching the video, viewers will notice whoever decided to put the film together is a pro. Placing the sounds in all the right places there is no doubt this idea was well thought out.

Some fans might find this disgusting prank funny, but it’s sad in a way too. Supporting athletes for Team USA should be about sharing in their joy and offering compliments on their performances. Childish pranks are completely the opposite.

Take a look at the trending video of Olympic figure skating farts.

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