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Olympic fashion: Ralph Lauren unveils Team USA opening ceremony outfits (photo)

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Ralph Lauren unveiled what Team USA will be wearing at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics during the Opening Ceremony on Thursday and fans are somewhat shocked. The fashion that the athletes will be wearing at the ceremoney will be noticed by everyone as they walk into the area. According to the Los Angeles Times the all-American look was made in America instead of being sourced to China as done in the London Olympics.

The cardigan fashion is bright and very visually stimulating. It has an American flag on the right side with the Olympic rings prominently underneath the image. On the left side is more images with the words “Team USA”. Add the stars and patriotic graphics and it’s impossible that the athlete might be competing for any other country than the USA.

So far the Olympic fans are liking what they see. The Olympic fashion offers up a patriotic look at what America offers. Add that the fashion is really made in American and who could ask for more?

The outfits can be bought a department stores or online with the cardigan price being donated to the U.S. Olympic committee. It might be a perfect uniform to wear when it comes to supporting the athletes during the Winter Games. And no doubt everyone will see you if you decide to support at the local bar as the fashion is impossible to miss.