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Olympic face plant? Austria athlete falls flat entering Opening Ceremony

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The Olympic athletes that arrived in Sochi are the best athletes in the world. So when an athlete is seen on live television showcasing a face plant, it makes everyone wonder if there might have been a glitch in the training. On Friday night at the Winter Games in the Fisht Olympic Stadium it was an Austria athlete that fell, face first, in front of the cameras. According to USA Today on Friday it was hard to tell if the athlete was embarrassed to stumble and fall in front of one billion television viewers as people could only see the back of his or her head.

The Opening Ceremony was pretty straight forward when it came to athlete participation. The athletes were expected to come up the ramp, wave to the audience, perhaps look into the cameras and walk around the oval. There were no curbs to jump over or rails to walk around so the face plant was pretty spectacular.

Of course there is no Olympic sport know as an Olympic face plant, but if there was, this athlete would win the gold. And on the thought of falling, it’s better to see an athlete fall at the ceremony when it doesn't count against the score of the competitions as they can just get up and keep right on going!