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Olympic events that have been eliminated

There are Olympic sports that went the way of the dinosaur and maybe that's progress; some folks , however, pine for the good old days when dueling and shooting pigeons was cool.

In the early nineteenth century big shots as in possible presidential candidates dueled to defend their honor. The evolution of our species led to the loss of dueling; dueling emerged in the early 20th century Summer Olympic Games.

Presumably insults were more eggregious in the time of Aaron Burr then they are now. Now we just get our phones bugged by those whom we've offended. Will Olympic speed bugging be a new Olympic event soon.

Olympic dueling was contested in the 1912 Summer Olympics. There was a dummy with, of course, a target of diminshing circles placed on his (her?) chest. There was a prompt and the pistols were fired and then the targets were analyzed and graded.

That sport has gone the way that actual dueling did.

Pigeon shooting was an Olympic shooting event: the rub is that there were live pigeons and a competition would lead to the death of hundreds of pigeons: if the shooters were good shots there would be a lot of dead birds.

Motorboating was an early Olympic event. It's the only event that ever involved using gasoline engines.

The tug-of-war was a test of stamina and strength. It was a test of team unity and truly was a test of grit. It is no longer contetsted in the Olympics.

Swimming which involved swimming underneath motorboats in an obstacle course, for instance, was once considered a suitable event to practice for and to hold at the Olympics.

Check out the video to see what used to be cool.

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