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Olympic Education

How do families benefit from watching and learning about the Olympics together? (Family & Parenting)

2014 Olympic highlights
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
Sochi Olympics 2014
Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Top 10 things to learn

1) Geography: As you watch the Olympics it may be fun to talk about where athletes are from and locate where their home countries are.

2) Try a meal from Russia - a great recipe I found is at

3) The weight of a gold medal, a silver medal, and a bronze medal - calculate the total weight of medals won each day.

4) Guess the Country: By looking at only the flag of the nation with the sound off name the country associated with each athlete.

5) Track the medals: have each family member pick a country to cheer for and track the amount of medals each has received.

6) Learn about an event and what it takes to become and Olympian.

7) Investigate Sochi, discover its location within Russia, the local bodies or water, and the local mountains.

8) How much money does an average athlete spend training each year?

9) What does it take to host the Olympic Games? How much does it cost? What are the benefits?

10) Visit your local library for books on the history of the Olympics

You would be surprised at what you can learn when you just think about it!

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