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Olympic ear rubbing? Julia Lipnitskaia seen relaxing at Olympic figure skating

Julia Lipnitskaia gets an ear rub before competition
Julia Lipnitskaia gets an ear rub before competition
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Julia Lipnitskaia is a young and talented Olympic figure skater who everyone loves to watch on the ice. Perhaps that is why on Wednesday so much attention was given to the athlete as she made her way to the rink. In fact it was safe to say the cameras were everywhere as her entrance seemed to cause a fuss. In America there was one moment on camera that had everyone in a tizzy. Yes, it was the ear rubbing. On Thursday Yahoo Sports revealed that her coach rubbing her ears was actually helping the athlete relax.

Just before she was set to go on the ice Julia Lipnitskaia got her ears rubbed. Looking straight ahead, her coach was behind her and rubbing Julia’s earlobes pretty intently. The strange moment seemed to be a secret weapon of the figure skater.

Perhaps it is not so secret after all. The technique has been used for decades by coaches looking to relax their athletes before a big performance. The idea behind this ear rubbing isn't just for athletes though as it is done during massages too. Looking to reduce stress and offer a relaxed state of mind, a good ear rub is just what you need to focus.

Even if Julia Lipnitskaia doesn't win the gold, she has given the world a chance to learn something new. Next time there is a big meeting or intense moment, stop and rub the ears to relax, refocus and make things happen. If it works for figure skaters, it should work for the rest of the world too!