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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic dogs update: Russians block media to see dog shelter near Sochi

Russians block media to see stray animals at dog shelters
Russians block media to see stray animals at dog shelters
Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

The 2014 Sochi Olympics has been showcase the world the best of the athletes and a lot of stray dogs. Way before the beginning of the Winter Games, there were reports of stray dogs and temporary dog shelters set up in the mountains away from the sporting action. It is obvious the Sochi stray dog issue is an international concern and the Russians don’t want the attention. On Friday ABC News reported they were denied access to go to one of the dog shelters in the Russian mountains only a short distance from the Olympics. The reporters offered a short video on how they were halted on the road and it seemed like a very uncomfortable situation.

Russian security officers, both uniform and undercover, threatened to call the police on the reporters if they tried to go around the road block set up. It was the road that goes up to one of the dog shelters. There was no reason why the block was put in place and only a few days back other media outlets had reported that they were in the area. The shelter was previously overcrowded and it’s unknown if there are still dogs at that location.

Dog owners around the world fear the worst when the Olympic Games end in Sochi. After the spotlight goes away and the athletes go home the dogs are left without a solution. Some could be looking at being allowed to roam again or worse.

Will ABC News try to go to the animal shelter again before the end of the Olympics? Of course we really hope so, but then again the threat of being arrested in Russia shouldn't be taken lightly.