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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic dog coming to America; Lindsey Jacobellis adopting a Sochi stray dog

Lindsey Jacobellis adopting a Sochi stray dog
Holly Brooks/twitter

Lindsey Jacobellis might be a serious competitor when she hits the slopes for Snowboard Ladies' Cross but the woman has a big heart too. Apparently she isn't going home without taking home a stray dog from Sochi and she has one picked out. On Monday, Holly Brooks revealed that Lindsey Jacobellis is getting her dog ready to go back to the United States. According to the Washington Post on Sunday, the athlete was competing in her third Winter Games in Sochi.

“This Sochi Stray scored a one way ticket to the USA with @LindsJacobellis #luckydog #justintime,” wrote Holly Brooks on her official Twitter account. The athlete sounded quite excited for her friend and the new dog.

Lindsey Jacobellis has been showing the world the cute dog that she has found in Sochi, but adopting a dog in Russia is quite a feat, even for an athlete. The chance to bring home a four legged friend requires cash, vaccinations and then when the dog gets to the United States it has to be cleared for any health issues.

There are so many people wanting to help the Sochi stray dogs, but to see it happen in action is quite commendable. Lindsey Jacobellis probably is happy with her new pal and from the looks of it, her dog looks happy about his new friend too. The only question remaining is if the dog knows he is hanging with an Olympian.

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