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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Curling reveals facial tension: 9 intense athlete expressions in Sochi

Olympic curling facial expressions; Sochi athletes put emotion on ice during competition.
Olympic curling facial expressions; Sochi athletes put emotion on ice during competition.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Olympic curling competitions have begun at the Winter Olympics. One of the few sports that never seems to get enough exposure, Olympic Curling hasn't always been at the top of America’s list to watch for sports. According to SBNation on Monday, the Olympic Curling for Team USA begins their competitions in hopes to win the gold. The world will be watch as the games begin with the sliding of curling stones down the slippery ice while athletes guide the stones into position.

Let’s all be honest, Olympic Curling won’t be heavily broadcast on NBC’s prime time schedule because America isn't as excited about the sport as other sports like figure skating or skiing. Yet, the intensity of this sport has the curling athletes taking the ice and looking extremely passionate. It's impossible to miss the facial tension.

Ever since the Olympic Curling began in Sochi the pictures of the men and women focusing on their sports have been coming out of Russia in a steady stream. Focusing on the curling stones and ready to win gold is a look of a champion. The Olympic athletes are so focused they don't even know the cameras are taking pictures for the fans and the facial expressions of the athletes are priceless.

Of course let’s not forget that the facial expressions are not the only thing viewers get to see watching these Olympic athletes. There is the issue of those crazy pants. In 2014 several teams have decided to make their mark with wild designs and fans are tuning in to see what fashion might be found.

Whether it is the faces or the pants that draw viewers to the ice, the Olympic sport of curling definitely needs more exposure. Take a look at the photo slideshow of the Olympic athlete’s expressions and tune in to support Team USA during Olympic Curling.

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