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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Curling photos: Curious curling moments captured in Sochi (9 photos)

Olympic curling has the world watching the ice as the teams battle it out. If not in Sochi, viewers can watch the program on live stream and it’s nothing like any other sport. The equipment is different, the pace of the game is different and some could even suggest the crowds are intense as they watch the action unfold live. According to Sports Illustrated on Friday, the men’s Olympic curling event is currently in three way tie for first place. China, Sweden and Britain are currently battling it out on Friday. As curling fans know, it’s the Canadian men who are favorite and two-time defending champions so at the moment the competition has some new leaders, but the games are not over yet.

A fan dressed as a horse looks on during the Curling event. Wickedly cool! 9 Curious moments of Olympic Curling at the Sochi Winter Olympics
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Another intriguing part of the Olympic curling games is all the curious moments at the games. The poses, the fans and even the connection the players have is quite spectacular. If offers a look at the game in a very interesting way and reminds all the fans that the athletes might not be flying down a ice or skating on a blade, but the sport is still very important.

Did you catch all the action on the ice Friday? More importantly did you see all the curious moments that happened as the games were going on? If not, take a look at the photo slideshow of the Olympic curling in Sochi on Friday. Our favorite picture? The fan who showed up wearing a horse head! Who would do that in an Olympic figure skating competition? Obviously Olympic curling is special!

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