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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic curling fans hear the F-bomb? Frustrated athlete talks trash during game

Lene Nielsen drops the F-bomb at Olympic curling
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Olympic curling fans might need to cover their ears when watching the Sochi Olympics. Olympic curling is offering some up close and personal coverage so most of the athletes have microphones. Viewers who watch the live stream and even on television can hear almost all the action. According to NBC Olympics on Thursday, there was too much to hear as one Olympic curling skip let out her frustration.

Lene Nielsen let the F-bomb go after she made a poor shot against Team USA. The athlete probably forgot she had a microphone on, but the word surprised the viewers. In the moment the athlete looked frustrated and a bit perplexed at the decision she made in the game.

The athlete wasn't the only one shocked. The Olympic curling announcers seemed a bit taken back by the language too. Suggesting that swear words were pretty much all the same around the world, the word was laughed off. Luckily the censors bleeped the F-bomb before the video was posted on NBC, but it still was a pretty fascinating segment.

Believe it or not, this is the only Olympic F-bomb posted online from the Sochi Olympics and that fact alone is hilarious. Sure there probably have been hundreds more F-bombs dropped by athletes in competitions, but those moments were just passed off as heated expressions and part of the competition. This F-bomb? Well, NBC has it up as a video to showcasing the Danish athletes on Olympic curling ice. Who would have thought it would be a Danish Olympic curler to lead the way in over the top expressions?

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