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Olympic cowbell? Will Ferrell would be proud to hear the noise in Sochi

Watching the Sochi Olympics on NBC, there isn't much noise coming from the television except the commentator’s voice as they narrate the play by play action on the slopes. For most of the viewers the noise heard around Sochi is minimal and not everyone gets the full experience, including all the sounds, of the course. The Sochi fans get to hear the crowds as they watch the sporting event live in Russia. According to Robert Smith of NPR on Thursday, there is a particular noise that has found its way into his dreams and it is heard repeatedly in Sochi during competitions. It is the cowbell.

Who can forget how famous Will Ferrell made the cowbell on Saturday Night Live? The skit where he is banging on the instrument trying to make the right amount of noise required is hilarious. Of course that particular noise travels quite far and sports fans realize it’s perfect for an outdoor event.

Even if a fan is ringing the cowbell at the bottom of a hill, the skiers are top will be able to hear the instrument. Offering a moment of support or perhaps a big dose of excitement, it’s not uncommon for most outdoor venues to have cowbells ringing in the crowds.

Which brings us back to Robert Smith. The reporter for NPR might be begging the fans for a little less cowbell. After covering the Olympics, the talented journalist claims he has cowbells ringing in the night. And perhaps the morning too.

The cowbell has taken on such a role at the Olympics that even the athletes who didn't make the podium will feel like a champion when they hear a little cowbell. Perhaps that’s why the cowbells will ring in Sochi until the closing ceremony. And in 2018 there are many more cowbells expected to be heard supporting the athletes too!

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