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Olympic Committee says no go to Obamanation


(AP photo)

In a pointless bid for the 2016 Olympic Games, the President of the United States makes a peculiar trip to Denmark at significant taxpayer expense of over 1.2 million, and for what? While our nation suffers with escalating fiscal debt (over a trillion in the past year),amidst ongoing war in Afghanistan and military presence in post-war Iraq, our president sets his priorities in showboating in Denmark with the first lady, and one of America's most famous celebrities, Oprah Winfrey. Chicago is now famous for being the number one city with the most murders (510) in the United States in 2008, but I guess this statistic didn't make it into his speech to the International Olympic Committee.

Gee, and I thought that the presidency was a job that entailed serious daily business, but I guess it is more of a celebrity tour. All those morning shows, public speeches and David Letterman appearances, what's next? Perhaps a movie deal would be in order. While our American soldiers fight in the dirt, blood, and grime of Afghanistan, their needs are collectivelyunanswered by a celebrity President who sets his personal aggrandizement, and cramming down his new health care plan ahead of the important war business at hand. Never before has a President traveled to bid an American city for the Olympics but I guess there is a first for everything. Perhaps the Pope will someday do the bidding for Italy? While the soldiers wait for the President to make an important decision regarding their reinforcement needs on the battle field, the President and the first lady fly on separate planes to Denmark while the taxpayer picks up the tab. Over five weeks have passed without a decision on the much needed 40,000 troop deployment (original requested on 8/30/09). Remarkably, until today, the President appeared to be too busy to even bother to speak with General McChrystal. (only had 2 videoconferences with him in the past 75 days). Thankfully hedid meet with the General on Air force one prior to leaving Denmark.Nevertheless procrastination,by not addressing the decision of adding new troops is not fair to the soldiers nor their families who also bear the sacrifice for our American freedoms. Perhaps our celebrity president would feel differently if he had a son or daughter on the front line.

Why would the IOC pick Chicago for the Olympic Games? Consider the current debt that America is accruing, the involvement in numerous wars over the past two decades, Chicago’s murder rate, and the constant threat of terrorism in our country. It sure wouldn’t be my first choice. So it is with poetic justice that the Olympic Committee denied the Obama's bid for the 2016 games. Perhaps it is a message from the International Olympic Committee that Mr. President, you need to set your priorities straight and take care of important business at home.

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  • Ines 5 years ago

    I do not know why Obama sought the job of commander in chief? The #1 priority of any President ought to be the troops welfare not the olympic games. The #1 purpose of the Federal Government is defense. Kerry was the first candidate who used the war in Iraq as a political campaign tool and it was wrong. Obama and his party also play politics with our National Security and repeatly said to all Americans how the war in Iraq was the wrong war but the war in Afgasnistan was the right war and how we had to we now it was all political posturing. He forgot that he could become the President and would had to deliver on his promises.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    Come on, we all know the IOC committee was showing it's prejudice to Obama and Oprah. This is most certainly another race issue. Maybe the committee did not want the USA to have it since our President and his wife have denounced America. Michelle did say" I am not proud of this country". All this anti-American propaganda came back to haunt the annointed ones.

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