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Olympic Club tests the strings holding them together

If only golf telecasts included EKG readings of the players.
If only golf telecasts included EKG readings of the players.

Golf is boring. It is. Watching it is like watching grass blow in a steady breeze. (I’ve never actually seen it grow). If only telecasts included an EKG reading or a picture of what goes on inside a golfer’s mind on the back nine of a major tournament.

Occasions like these, the most riveting on the outside, are the most riveting inside a golfer’s head, too.

Watch the golf unfold this weekend at the storied Olympic Club.

Eighty years ago, the course was a test that aimed to weed out the mentally weak.

Before TV was a consideration.

Before the greens turned into marble tabletops.

Before it boasted the longest par 5 in US Open history. At 670 yards, Olympic’s 16th beats them all.

Now, it packs more challenges. The USGA sets up the course with the intent of offering the best grinder the best chance of winning. The rough is thick, the edges of the greens are shaved allowing slightly errant shots to trickle helplessly away into Bogieland.

Past US Open champions at Olympic Club include Scott Simpson, Lee Janzen. All players who had their minds as well as their games in shape. To win the oldest championship in the US, mental fortitude is as crucial as any of the 14 clubs you’re allowed to carry.

The tournament, which concludes on Father’s Day, is one for grinders. When the rope that holds your patience and piece of mind and grace together begins to fray…it could be from a series of 6-foot curlers tipping the Stimp at 15, it could be a dreaded ‘other’ staring back at you from your card…your personality, your confidence, viscera, focus, etc., determine to what happens next.


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