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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Cauldron to be lit February 7 in Sochi; fountains frame Olympic symbol

Olympic Cauldron
Olympic Cauldron
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

In Russia the athletes are preparing for the games, the volunteers are finalizing the rehearsals of the Olympic Opening ceremony and the Sochi Olympic Cauldron is ready to be lit. The iconic figure in the middle of the Sochi Olympic Park was put through the final test in late January and it appears ready to go. According to International Business Times on Tuesday, the Olympic Cauldron will be lit on February 7 for the beginning of the Sochi Olympics and will stay lit during the Olympic Games.

Obviously most fans who didn't take the flight to Russia for the 2014 Sochi Olympics will have to watch from home, but the Olympic Cauldron has been seen in almost every photograph surrounding the area. Jetting up from the ground, this mammoth monument projects the values of Olympics is the visual statement that fans and athletes gaze upon during the games.

Looking closely, fans will noticed that the Sochi Olympic Park Cauldron has the framework of water fountains around the area. Allowing people close enough to look, but offering barrier far enough away to appreciate, it seems like a perfect solution for the forthcoming Games

The Olympic fountains and Olympic cauldron will be the backdrop of the Sochi Olympic Games. Fans see the iconic structure in live shots and interviews. And there has to be a certain sense of pride for the athletes too. Walking by something so symbolic on their journey to winning the gold has to have special meaning in their heart.