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Olympic bobsledding starts training runs: 11 photos of two-man bobsleds in Sochi

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The Olympic two-man bobsleigh training run was on Friday and the fans got the chance to see the bobsleds expected to compete. As luck would have it there was a photographer waiting close by so all of the bobsleds could be captured on film for the fans to see. The aerodynamic designs of these sleek rides are impressive. The Jamaican bobsled team had finally gotten all their equipment and was one of the first competitors seen taking a run on Friday. It’s been a long journey for every team, but the Jamaicans appear to have had the toughest time getting their luggage to Sochi.

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For Team USA, the new two-man bobsleds designed by BMW have been scrutinized by competitors. According to USA Today on Thursday, the bobsleds are considered some of the fastest in the competition, there have been questions on the design. However, the team is confident it will do just fine in the competition.

As for the rest of the teams, don’t expect anyone anybody to show up with a simple sled. The machines seen for the first time are sleek, top of the line and modified for ultimate speed. The bobsled is on the course for less than a minute. And the more seconds shaved off the course time, the better.

Take a look at the Olympic two-man bobsleigh training run as the machines go speeding around the corners. It is impressive what is going to be found at the competition!