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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Bobsledder gets locked in Sochi bathroom; breaks through door (photo)

Johnny Quinn breaks through a bathroom door in Sochi
Johnny Quinn/Twitter

Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn had a close call in his room on Saturday and tweeted to tell about it. The U.S. Olympic bobsledder either accidentally locked or jammed the door and couldn't get out. So what is left for an Olympic bobsledder to do? He broke through the door at the Winter Olympics. According to KLTV on Saturday the picture of what is left of the bathroom door has gone viral.

The picture, which Quinn first posted on his Twitter account, obviously outlined some concerns people have had about the Olympic Village conditions. Apparently since he didn't have a phone it was impossible for the athlete to contact anyone. Adding that he had a bobsledding heat to be at and couldn't be stuck in the bathroom, it appears breaking through the door was the only solution.

It’s obvious that the athletes in Sochi are having random issues with the accommodations, but thankfully these athletes can take care of themselves. So like in Johnny Quinn’s case, he can just manhandle the door and get to his event.

The biggest question is if they Sochi Olympics will bill the athlete for ruining the door. While there might be an outcry about the door at the moment, American fans might really come unglued if they hear he has to pay a dime to fix the door.

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