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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic bobsled belly? Athlete can’t get suit to fit around his stomach (photo)

Christopher Spring shows off his Olympic bobsled power belly
Christopher Spring shows off his Olympic bobsled power belly
Christopher Spring/Twitter

Olympic athletes are machines. And when it comes to the Olympic bobsledders, there is no doubt that the athletes are strong and tough. So when Canadian bobsledder Christopher Spring showcased a first look wearing his Olympic suit on Saturday, some people were looking at his belly. Technically that was the only thing people could see as it was hanging out and the rest of his skin was covered.

“I tried on my race suit ahead of tomorrow's 2man Olympic race and its a tight. #powerbelly,” tweeted Christopher Spring from his official Twitter account. The athlete shared a picture of the moment and everyone will agree that the idea of it being “tight” might be a bit of an understatement.

While some might point out the Olympic bobsledder is fat, that’s definitely not what we would imply. The skintight suit is made to be snug as it helps the athlete and it’s obvious to us that the issue was with the manufacturer. Of course we make that assumption (and everyone else should too) as the athlete could probably knock down a door with ease. Plus there are always little details to be fixed whenever it comes to fashion and that would include bobsled suits too.

The bobsled competition kicks off for the teams on Sunday leaving Christopher Spring one day to fix his outfit. Olympic bobsledders probably have people who can easily make alterations, but if not then perhaps a belt would suffice. A wide belt that could read “Power belly.”