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Olympic bobsled beauty Lolo Jones taking heat for popularity

Olympic bobsledder Lolo Jones has acquired almost 400,000 Twitter followers and a few haters as well.
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Olympian and media darling, Lolo Jones is back in the spotlight with a message she wants everyone to hear.

Controversy has surrounded her regarding past Olympic performances and her absolute beauty, and it seems that she is under scrutiny once again.

Jones made the U.S. women's Olympic bobsled team, but those who did not make it—along with their families—are less than happy about her selection.

According to USA Today, Olympic hopefuls Emily Azevedo and Katie Eberling were unhappy when they failed to make the team, and they didn’t have a problem expressing their disdain.

"I should have been working harder on gaining Twitter followers than gaining muscle mass," Azevedo told USA.

Jones crossed over from Summer Games to Winter, and she acquired almost 400,000 Twitter followers in Sochi. Many dispute that Jones got the spot on popularity, negating her hard work and preparation.

"I don't know, just gotten to the point for some reason being popular – at the same token, you're taught when you do your media stuff to be charming and to answer the questions and be genuine," said Jones. "I don't know how that comes across as being negative, or how people will try to use that against you. Like, 'She has too many Twitter followers, so now we hate her.' But wait, when I had a thousand and you wanted me to be outspoken and show you who I am; I don't know."

Although Jones has many critics, she is loved by millions, and she is a media magnet. As for the negativity she received by those who did not make the team, Jones suggests that they ‘spoke out in anger.’

She has moved on and wishes the haters would do the same.

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