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Olympic bacon skis? Nick Goepper's Olympic win recreated by Voodoo donuts

Nick Goepper's Olympic win recreatd on a VooDoo donut
VooDoo donut/Twitter

Olympic bronze medal winner Nick Goepper loves Voodoo donuts so much that he recently mentioned the shop by name. Viewers who are donuts lovers know the special bakery mentioned is one that has gotten worldwide attention for scrumptious tastes from their donuts. Apparently on Saturday the store decided to make Goepper something very special and showcased a bakery item that offered a look at the Olympic athlete.

“Fueled by Bacon Maple Skis,” tweeted Voodoo donuts from their official Twitter account. The message included a photograph that was posted for all to see. On top of a donut there was Nick Goepper competing in Sochi. What was on this Olympian’s feet? Bacon skis.

The way the bacon was laid on the donut made people check out the image twice. It’s difficult to imagine a piece of bacon on a donut, but when it is placed on top as a pair of skis it looks delicious!

Little perks, like getting a donut made in your likeness should be expected for any Olympic athlete who won a medal. World competitions give fans a reason to connect with athletes and the competitors become stars overnight. In the case of Nick Goepper getting a special donut made after a discussing the store is quite cool. Anyone can walk the red carpet when being a star, but have a donut? Yeah, that’s very unique.

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