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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic athletes upset at Sochi critics; ‘Haters’ pointing out Sochi problems

Olympic athletes upset at 2014 Winter Olympics critics
Olympic athletes upset at 2014 Winter Olympics critics
Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images

The Winter Games are now open and athletes from around the world getting ready to compete. After weeks of preparations and plenty of criticizing, it seems that the Sochi Olympics are smooth. On Friday Reuters reported that athletes are getting upset with all the negative talk that is coming from people who are pointing out the 2014 Sochi Olympics problems and some Olympic athletes are calling the people using social media to complain nothing short of a "hater."

Apparently athletes are feeling that these folks who are taking to social media to express annoyance are nothing short than a bunch of haters. That’s right if there was a name for people who didn't like all the issues that weren't resolved before the Opening Ceremony it would be a classic elementary school bully term. Everyone has met a "hater" or two on the school yard and is seems that even Sochi has a few.

"But half the people are jealous because they didn't make it here and the other half are just hating because it's cool to hate,” said skier Jossi Wells. Thinking that the accommodations and everything else in Sochi is perfect for the upcoming events, it appears that those folks not on the ground are not as knowledgeable about the problems.

Apparently Wells isn't alone with the anti-Sochi assessment from some on social media. American speed skater Heather Richardson compares the accommodations and opportunity to Disney World. Everyone knows just how clean and controlled the parks are at the corporation's theme parks.

The Sochi problems are definitely real and give people a reason to point and stare. However, it sounds like some of the Olympic athletes are concerned about their free rides with the Olympic venues and don’t want to be offending the host country. It makes perfect sense too as being an Olympian offers so many perks that it has got to be like a job with benefits.

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