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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic athletes get bizarre hats? Jumbo Mickey Mouse ears displayed (photo)

Athletes get jumbo hats
Athletes get jumbo hats

Olympic athletes will be wearing gigantic looking hats on the slopes. While some people are wondering why, the 2014 Sochi Olympics gave every athlete a big, gawky looking red hat for them to use during their time at the Winter Games. The first look on Friday had some fans in shock as it doesn't look like a typical hat.

“Special hats for @Sochi2014 Olympians #olympics,” tweeted the Olympics from their official Twitter account. To give fans a look, a picture was attached to show what people might see on the slopes.

The cherry red hat doesn't have the common characteristics of hat by any means. Instead it looks like a jumbo pair of Mickey Mouse ears with the words “Olympian” on the front. The ears don’t appear to offer any geographic reference and there certainly isn't any reason for the shape that the fans can attach to the look.

While the different parts of the game comes together, the little incidentals like the special hats leave some fans scratching their heads. Why make an athlete look so silly when they are in a serious competition. These questions probably will never be answered, but some lucky fan might be able to buy this hat after the Olympics because nobody will be caught dead wearing these in public.