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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic athlete brings bed to Sochi for rest? Figure skater needs sleep to win

Jeremy Abbott brings a mattress to Sochi
Jeremy Abbott brings a mattress to Sochi
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

American figure skater Jeremy Abbott has brought a bed to the 2014 Sochi Olympics and he won’t be apologizing. The Olympic hopeful was in 9th place in 2010 at Vancouver and his concern for sleeping on such a small bad offered him no rest before the competition. Well, Abbott won’t be worried about rolling off the bed in Sochi as instead of the twin beds the athletes are sleeping on, the star brought his own queen size blow up bed. According to NBC Sports, the bed was 25-pounds and filled an entire suitcase that the athlete put on the plane.

“I brought a queen-sized air mattress,” said Jeremy Abbott. The different approach to the Olympics might be key. A well-rested athlete gives energy and focus for a program and that’s needed to win. “I did not do well on the twin bed in Vancouver.”

One of Jeremy’s struggles as an athlete is sleeping properly. The rest is needed, yet sometimes elusive. Talking about his concern in the past, the athlete has tried different ideas, but so far he’s still struggled with the issue. Having a blow up mattress ready for him to rest, even if he tosses and turns, sounds like a good solution.

Jeremy Abbott wants to win the Olympics, but he has suggested his past performance wasn’t his best because he couldn’t sleep. Knowing he has a queen size mattress in Sochi to give him adequate rest, the Olympic athlete no doubt is excited about his journey and his chance to win the gold.