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Olympians Shawn Johnson and Lisa Leslie rock Girl Scout camp!

Olympians Shawn Johnson and Lisa Leslie celebrate Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars’ "Let Get Her to Camp" campaign.
Olympians Shawn Johnson and Lisa Leslie celebrate Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars’ "Let Get Her to Camp" campaign.
Casey Rodgers/AP Invision

Olympic gold medalists Shawn Johnson and Lisa Leslie have added some super gold medal power to Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars' "Let Get Her to Camp" campaign. The Olympians swung by Camp Mariposa in Los Angeles where they had summer camp fun with Girl Scouts doing everything from picnic table arts and crafts to playing on balance beams. Viva Girl Scout livin'!

The goal of Nestlé's "Let's Get Her to Camp" campaign is spectacular: send as many girls as possible to camp next summer. Because how awesome is this..not only is camp a blast, but a brand new study by the Girl Scout Research Institute found that Girl Scout camp increases confidence, boosts creative thinking and physical abilities. Bring on Girl Scout power! And you can jack up the donation AND turn more girls into happy campers by heading online to the Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars virtual campfire, and sharing your own campfire story from now through August 31st. So, check out or use the hashtag #LetsGetHerToCamp, cozy up to the virtual fire and start spilling! And check out below why legendary athletes Leslie and Johnson are such massive supporters of the "Let's Get Her to Camp" campaign!

Q and A with four time gold medalist Lisa Leslie.

MM: What sparked your interest in teaming up with the “Let’s Get Her to Camp” campaign?
Lisa Leslie: I’ve done a lot of work with Nestle Crunch and I think the Girls Scout campaign is so important. For two great organizations to come together and promote “Let’s Get Her to Camp” was just genius. I think going to camp really helps build character and courage to do things you didn’t think you could do and friendships that can last a lifetime. It’s also about camaraderie. Sometimes girls don’t have a lot of camaraderie. For whatever reason, we’re always having these moments of clawing at each other. Especially through junior high and high school. When you’re able to grow up where you learn to problem solve and work together with girls that carries over beyond camp and in life. I’m that way. I see girls and say “Oh my God, you look so cute.” People go “Why are you always complimenting?” I think she looks adorable and I like her [laughs]. It’s through those experiences where you’re able to accept people for who they are. I love the spirit of Nestle’s “Let’s Get Her to Camp campaign” and I’m happy to be a part of it.

MM: Mega congratulations on being nominated to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. You’re a four time gold medalist and have a legendary WNBA career but looking back, was there ever a point where you thought about quitting?
LL: Thank you, I’m so thrilled to be nominated. I’ve never thought about giving up basketball but I have on occasion asked myself ‘Why am I doing this?’ [laughs] It’s hard sometimes. I was watching Gabby Douglas’ story last night with my kids, ironically Shawn [Johnson] was in there. You have those moments when it does get hard and there’s a lot of pressure. You don’t know what the end result is going to be. You don’t know that it’s going to be success. And it’s not always success for everyone. But you push through. You persevere. And I think those are the character building moments you have through sports that really help you in life.

MM: Is your daughter a Girl Scout?
LL: She’s not a Girl Scout only because she has so many dog gone activities [laughs]. I don’t know where we’d fit it in. We were in Jack and Jill of America for two years and I just stopped that because it’s more of a mother’s organization. My husband was like ‘Babe, it’s pretty much the same thing. You got to go to the meetings’ [laughs]. I’m such a helicopter mom. If my daughter is at camp for a week, I’m at camp for a week. She can do it on her own but I don’t think I could just let her go. I love camp though. My little sister does as well! She was in Hollywood camp and she even became a camp director.

MM: You recently posted about your four-year-old son playing basketball. Off the charts adorable. How’s his basketball career going?
LL: He is beginning and it’s been a lot of crying more than playing.

MM Him or you?
LL: Him [laughs]! There’s no pressure though. He’s getting out there for the basics. One hour a week. We would hate for him to grow up to be 6”9 and we didn’t introduce him to the sport until he’s 6 foot.

MM: He’ll be dunking with you in no time.
LL: He loves to “dunk” and be picked up and put to the rim but it’s all about the fundamentals that’s important to me now.

MM: One day until the WNBA play-offs. Can the Sparks pull it off?
LL: It’s an uphill battle when I think about the Sparks trying to get over Phoenix or Minnesota. We’re just kind of a little bit behind but really having a new coach has been good and we want to finish the season strong. Anything can happen and that’s the beautiful part about it.

Q and A with gold medalist Shawn Johnson.

MM: Were you a Girl Scout?
Shawn Johnson: I’m an honorary Girl Scout, since I was busy when I was little [laughs]. I got pinned 4 years ago. I did a national speech for the Girl Scouts and during the ceremony, they made me a Girl Scout.

MM: Is there a gymnastics badge?
SJ: I wish. No badge for gymnastics!

MM: Awesome that you’re doing gymnastics with the Girl Scouts at Camp Mariposa!
SJ: It was fun! Just beams and I was picking girls up and flipping them over.

MM: What about the “Let’s Get Her to Camp” campaign inspired you to get involved?
SJ: I think it’s important for girls at a young age to be involved in as many things as possible. Especially safe communities of people that teach them great life lessons like self-confidence and courage. And getting girls to go to camp especially in the summer where they can meet new friends, learn new things, and not just sit at home and watch TV. It’s great. I used to go to gymnastics camp and be a part of teams all the time and having that community and network of teams is really important.

MM: Do you have a secret camping super power – like making a fire or s’mores?
SJ: Making s’mores. I love to cook. Who doesn’t know how to make a s’more either? It’s easy [laughs]. I come from Des Moines, Iowa. Back country. We always have camp fires in the back yard and grew up that way making s’mores.

MM: You’re of course in Olympian-status shape. Still make time for a Nestle?
SJ: Everything in moderation, right? I always have a treat. A girl and chocolate just go together.

MM: Big congrats on being a college student! How is it?
SJ: I’m an official college student and go to Penn State. I love it. I do everything online because it’s hard to be in class, especially with all the travel. I’m studying psychology and nursing. I want to be a pediatric nurse. That’s where I want to end up when all this is over.

MM: Young girls across the USA look up to you. What advice would you share with them that’s made you so successful?
SJ: Everything for me started with my love of the sport. Especially in today’s society we’re losing the fun with kids and pushing success on them too hard. Success comes from fun. I fell in love with gymnastics. I love what I do now. I work with people that I love to be around. Success comes from that. Don’t force anything. Find what you love and stick with it.

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