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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympians and their pets

Olympians love their pets. Whether they compete in summer or winter sports, whether they compete in the Paralympics, Senior Olympics or Special Olympics they keep each other in shape and these animals play a vital role in their lives.

It is not unusual to see runners jogging along Lake Michigan with their dogs. Many of these people are just keeping in shape but some are training for competition. The dogs keep their humans on track and look back if they are lagging behind.

They play in the water, run on the ice and swim with their owners. The athletes are no match for their canines so keeping up with them is a challenge.

The pets of Olympians are not only companions but help them relax. Gracie Gold loves her Japanese Chin puppy Yoshi. Shaun White takes his dog Rambo with him whenever possible. LoLo Jones is owned by Sir Bourdreaux, a Weimaraner. Lindsey Vonn rescued Leo who was abandoned in a park, hit by a car and had to have six pins to surgically repair his leg and wound up in a shelter were Vonn found him. Ashley Wagner has a cat named Dex who gives her many hours of relaxation.

Many of these dogs have their own web pages and enjoy supporting their masters.

Many 2014 Olympians are adopting the Sochi dogs and will join the many other Olympic athletes who share their lives with their pets.

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