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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympian Shaun White visits a Sochi zoo? Snowboarder goes ‘Day Trippin' (video)

Shaun White might be going for the gold on the slopes, but the Olympic snowboarder took the day off on Sunday to go to the zoo. Apparently the star decided it would be fun to check out the Russian culture and head out to see the animals instead of hanging around the Olympics. According to Yahoo Sports on Sunday, the snowboarder went out and saw the wolves, bison and boars. Then he shared his experience with the fans in a new video posted called “Day Trippin.”

The video is about a minute in length and shows Shaun White spending some downtime. With the signs all in Russian, the athlete is left to look at the different animals. A guide who speaks English is heard in the video and it appears he is helping White overcome some of the language barriers.

The opportunity to compete at the Olympic Games might be high pressure, but few viewers would have thought the snowboarder would just leave the Olympic Village for a day trip. With all the security issues people have seen in the news, it seems a bit odd. Then again Shaun White has always done his own thing and doesn't seem to mind people scratching their heads over his actions.

Since he is at the top of his Olympic career, Shaun White definitely deserves a day off. It doesn't matter if the star kicks back to watch TV or explore the zoo as this athlete is a champion!

Take a look at the video clip of Shaun White at the Sochi zoo. It appears he had a great day exploring Russia.

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