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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympian Jason Brown’s ponytail has a Twitter account? Joins Bob Costas’ eye

Jason Brown's ponytail gets a Twitter account
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Olympic Twitter power has Americans joining forces on social media in an epic proportion. Olympian Jason Brown’s ponytail has entered the spotlight as competition against Bob Costas eye online. Both Twitter accounts have fans supporting the Sochi Olympics in a very weird, but patriotic way. According to ABC News on Sunday the Olympic hair is making a big impression on fans in America.

Frankly, after the fans watched Jason Brown on the Sochi ice it’s impossible not to think about his hair. It was moving around the ice in complete unison with the athlete and giving everyone a talking point. Perfect and balanced, if there was a score for Olympic hair on the ice Brown's hair would have a medal

For the first time ever, fans are coming together to support the Olympics by using social media with a satirical twist. Offering a harmless laugh and sharing a moment in sporting history, this gives athletes (and sportscasters) another connection to the viewers who are thousands of miles away.

So what can fans expect from Jason Brown’s ponytail account? Updates about the athlete and anything to do with the hair. Since the athlete is expected on the ice again, it’s possible the ponytail has more to say later on in the week.

As for Bob Costas eye, he seems to be strong on Twitter as the NBC journalist keeps showing up for work with an eye infection. With Bob Costas wearing Kent Clark glasses, the eye seems to be keeping social media amused while he delivers the news

Follow along with Jason Brown’s ponytail on Twitter here. Or if you would rather keep an eye on the Olympics with Bob Costas’ eye follow Twitter here.

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