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2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympian Charlie White not dating Meryl Davis? Tanith Belbin is his girlfriend

Meryl Davis and Charlie White along with Team USA winning the bronze
Meryl Davis and Charlie White along with Team USA winning the bronze
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Charlie White and Meryl Davis were part of the Olympic team figure skating event where Team USA actually took home a medal. The United States was behind in the scores on the last day, but the ice dancing couple pulled high numbers and helped America win the bronze on Sunday. Obviously it was a team effort, but one glimpse of Meryl Davis and Charlie White on the ice and the couple looked madly in love. The two stars were on the Today show Monday morning when the U.S. figure skating team came together to show off their medals to American fans.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White might look like they are dating on the ice (and even during the interview on the Today show,) but fans might be surprised to learn that’s not true. The ice dancer’s performance is based on portraying a character and this means people need to believe the story as the pair skates to the music. They need to look like they are in love for the ice dance program.

If Charlie White and Meryl Davis are not dating so who are they romantically involved with?

Meryl Davis hasn't shared her dating status and there are no sources suggesting she has ever mentioned. It appears her privacy has been well guarded when it comes to relationship status.

Charlie White has said he has a girlfriend. According to Yahoo on Monday, Charlie White is dating Olympic ice dancer Tanith Belbin. Remember Tanith Belbin from the Vancouver Olympics? She was on the list by Men's Health magazine as a sexy female Olympian for the last Winter Games and apparently she is currently dating Charlie White.

Charlie White and Tanith Belbin have been steady since the Vancouver Olympics, but the two athletes haven’t shared their relationship status as they worry it will hurt the ice dance performances at the Olympics. The perception of love during the programs appears to be really important for the ice dance partners.

If you have gotten confused, don't feel bad as this romance on and off the ice this sounds complex to everyone who watches Olympic skating. So just to recap Charlie White and Meryl Davis are Olympic partners on the ice, but once the skates come off, then Charlie White and Tanith Belbin are dating off the ice. Complicated? Perhaps, but romance is always complicated! Then again so is Olympic figure skating!

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