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Olsen Supports Education and Public Assistance Cuts

Kristin Olsen anti-school, anti-tax champion
Kristin Olsen anti-school, anti-tax champion
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All across America, Republicans are making drastic spending cuts to programs for low-income families and children in an effort to assuage budget deficits as if it is the only means to fix the economy. Yet any business knows that besides cutting expenses, there must be a means of increasing revenue for a balanced approach. In California, spending cuts have affected schools, law enforcement, and municipal workers who are sharing the sacrifice to help balance the budget. However, the Republicans in the state legislature are blocking a ballot initiative that will continue the minute tax increases put in place under Governor Schwarzenegger. Apparently, although polls show California voters approve of increasing revenue, Republicans are thumbing their noses at voters and not allowing them to decide whether they pay a bit more in taxes because it is in Republicans' nature to work for corporations instead of voters.

A freshman assemblywoman, Kristen Olson (R-Modesto) is one of the Republicans who decided for voters that they do not want to vote on continuing Schwarzenegger’s tax increases. In fact, Olsen said “increasing taxes is unnecessary” to fund education and law enforcement. Olsen parrots the Republican mantra that instead of increasing revenue through tax increases, she wants revenue made up by more drastic cuts to health and welfare programs and asking teachers and state employees to take an additional 10% pay reduction on top of the 8-9% cut most teachers have already taken besides multiple unpaid furlough days.

Olsen also proposes that California should privatize non-instructional services in schools as well as give tax breaks to businesses. She says California should balance the budget on its own back, but not on the backs of local communities. Any sane person realizes that cutting services to health and welfare programs as well as cuts to education are on the backs of local communities. Either Olsen is a liar, stupid, or a hypocrite. If she believes cutting funding to local communities is not the same as cutting funding for local communities’ teachers, law enforcement, and assistance programs, then she is both stupid and a liar. More likely, Olsen thinks her constituents are stupid adding insult to injury.

Local communities already labor under spending cuts and voters are aware that schools, police, and fire departments are understaffed because of cuts to those services. Olsen is following the lead of national Republicans in rewarding businesses with taxpayer dollars that could be better used for education and community-oriented services. She does have a history of pandering to business instead of looking out for consumers.

While serving on the Modesto City Counsel, Olsen took a hefty campaign contribution from a mobile home association and repaid the loan by voting against senior citizens. When a matter came up regarding rent control for seniors living in mobile home parks, Olsen cast the lone vote against rent control that favored the Trailer Manufacturing Association that gave her the donation. She also is the author of a Modesto ordinance that forces the police to monitor shopping carts abandoned by poor people who have no other means of transporting their groceries from the store to their homes. Police were left chasing shopping carts instead of keeping the city safe.

California voters are willing to pay a bit more in taxes to have quality schools and safe streets, but Olsen is unwilling to acquiesce to voter demands. Her loyalties are with the business community, and her record of supporting corporate welfare is well-documented.

Olsen also has taken a position on the 2nd Amendment and repeated the tired Republican talking point that she will defend the right to possess firearms. There are two problems with her position; first, she is in the state assembly and has absolutely no influence in national politics. Second, there have been absolutely no attempts to change the 2nd Amendment. Her defense of gun ownership is pandering to frightened conservatives who need a reason to rail against the current administration, but that is what Republicans do whether in state assemblies or the federal government; they fabricate issues to engender fear and loathing of the Black man sitting in the Oval Office.

Californians are generally smarter than Republican representatives and understand that basic business principles include increased revenue in conjuntion with reasonable spending cuts. Olsen is not unique, and her opposition to taxes for businesses is standard fare for Republicans. She also follows the conservative course of action in cutting services to pay for the corporate entitlements as well as privatizing community services and cutting worker salaries. It is what Republicans do best because it is all the simpletons know.

Look for future articles about Kristin Olsen regarding her opposition to gay rights and women’s reproductive health that follows Republicans’ anti-human attacks on the national level. In the meantime, if rogue shopping carts are located, contact Kristin Olsen because the police are understaffed and unprepared to apprehend the offending carts.


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