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Ollu self-serve dog wash takes the chore out of washing your dog


Dog washing. Fun?

Ollu Grand Opening
K. Donatelle

At the grand opening of Ollu self-serve dog wash on November 7th, I found a brightly painted, open loft space with five shiny new stainless steel wash tubs where dog owners were actually scrubbing their companions with enthusiasm. Ollu, 221 Main Street SE, supplies everything you need including aprons, towels, brushes, dryers, all natural shampoos, ear cleaner and canine toothpaste and brushes. No appointment is necessary.

Self-service washes range in price from $15 for dogs under 10 lbs to $25 for dogs over 90 lbs.

Ollu is named after Oliver & Lulu, two black labs owned by Minneapolis native Jodel Fesenmaier. Jodel relied on self-serve dog washes while living in San Diego and decided to open one here when she couldn't find one upon moving back to Minneapolis.  Ollu is located in retail space beneath the Phoenix lofts on historic Main Street SE.  She says the location is drawing a lot of walk-in traffic as the Minneapolis Riverfront is a popular place for downtown dog walkers.

Why pay to wash your own pup? As Jodel explains it, dog owners can walk in off the street and avoid the mess at home. With waist high tubs and spray nozzles they can wash while standing.

“People say it’s so much easier than using their home bathtub,” Jodel said.

Plus the environment is upbeat and inviting – you won’t find dogs waiting around in kennels and you can shop there for all natural dog food and treats, brushes, leashes, collars, dog beds, sweaters and toys. Ollu also offers full-service grooming, bath and brushes, and service upgrades including oatmeal and aloe shampoo, FURminator deshedding treatment, facial treatments and a nail trim.

You might call it to a little spa treatment for your dog.

What: Ollu self-serve dog wash

Where: 221 Main Street SE, Minneapolis

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information:


  • Marge Fesenmaier, Olivia,Mn. 5 years ago

    Thank you for the recognition of the Ollu Dog Wash.Being Jodel Fesenmaier's grandma, I was really impressed, when I was to see the Ollu dog spa.I know how she values her pets, and all animals.
    it's only fair they are treated as a loving part of life. Jodel's demeaner and smile could tame any wild forest creature, I'm sure.
    After her experience and previous employment, she was ready to launch something of a surprise explosion, on return back to her home area. I wish her the best in her new venture. Go Jodel!
    Lots of love from Grandma Fez.
    state and area

  • Oliver Fesenmaier, Elk River MN 5 years ago

    "Bark, bark!" As the black lab-mix from CA, I too love Ollu dog wash. This place Ollu rocks! I get cleaned up really nice, smelling mmm-mmm-good and people love me even more. I love it when my owner washes me instead of someone I don't know! Bark, bark - hope to see my fellow canine friends at Ollu soon ... I'm a regular - lovin' every minute.

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