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Olivia's Caribbean Halloween Cruise, part 2

OliviaSisters c/o Donna Shands-Island

Yesterday, I described the 2009 Olivia Caribbean Halloween Cruise to depart on October 25 and return November 1.  Tomorrow, in part three of my Olivia Caribbean Halloween Cruise series, I will feature an interview with Donna Shands-Island, the coordinator of the diversity program "OliviaSisters" of Olivia Vacations.

OliviaSisters, traditionally known as Sisters at Sea, began six years ago. It began as a way to diversify the very successful all female trips at Olivia. The first trip that incorporated OlivaSisters was a trip to the Mexican Riviera with Sheryl Swoopes as a spokeswoman. From there, OliviaSisters took off.

The Halloween cruise that I will have the pleasure of attending, as are all of Olivia's vacations, are for women of every color. However, Olivia has made a special effort to reach out to women of color with OliviaSisters. I look forward to talking to these women to get their view of the experience. There will be a lot of women of color on the Halloween cruise as a result of the efforts of Donna and the Olivia team. According to Donna, some of the women of color are on their 4th or 5th trip as a result of the program.

There is still time to attend Olivia's Caribbean Halloween Cruise, and if you are a woman of color, this is an opportunity for you to enjoy the OliviaSisters program featured on the Caribbean Halloween cruise.

Tomorrow, Part 3 - An interview with Donna Shands-Island, coordinator of OliviaSisters