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Olivia Millerschin continues to impress with her latest EP Over the Weather

I have been a fan of Olivia Millerschin ever since I first heard her play back in early 2013. I introduced my readers to her in February 2013 in my series "Teenagers on the Rise," and returned in April 2013 with a review of her first release Yes. No. Maybe So.

Olivia Millerschin returns with an incredible sophomore release
Olivia Millerschin returns with an incredible sophomore release
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Olivia Millerschin is back with a new EP

Clever and witty, melodic and musically quirky as ever, Millerschin must be feeling a bit Over The Weather. these days, infusing her latest EP with all the colorful elements (pop, jazz, folk, soul) and wry turns of phrase that made her debut album so popular and infectious – and led to its nomination for Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording at the 2014 Detroit Music Awards.

Now, however, the multi-talented singer/songwriter is penning her observational gems from a fresh starting point: She's 18 years old, attending college and has a year of touring under her belt.

The first single from the EP, which was released on May 12, is We Know Not, and is produced by Andrew Williams (Colbie Caillat, Five For Fighting). Check out the video.

Having toured last year with Teddy Geiger, Tyler Hilton and Ryan Cabrera and opened for Howie Day in Chicago and NYC, Millerschin, whose trademark song Screw Valentine’s Day recently earned her an award in the annual John Lennon Songwriting Competition, is now gearing up for a Summer 2014 tour.

Despite the incredibleness of her debut release, Millerschin infuses her new EP with even more. All five of the tracks are radio ready as well as perfect for placement in movies, television and commercials. From the wisdom of We Know Not to the biting sarcasm of Pie Song and culminating with the spectacular ukelele and vocals of Left/Right, Millerschin proves that she is a force to be reckoned with. Every song speaks volumes, but none as much as the introspective Carry Me, which contains wisdom far beyond the writer's physical age.

Millerschin is the voice of this generation. Her gift to us is her ability to teach us the lessons we need in a way that we can accept, much like that great quote from Winston Churchill, 'Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip."

Olivia - I look forward to the trip!

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