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Olivia + Joy, fashion and function for the stylish woman

Olivia + Joy, St. Monica Double Handle, a must have for fall
Olivia + Joy, St. Monica Double Handle, a must have for fall
Cristine Struble

For many women, her purse is the ultimate fashion accessory. While the purse itself must be beautiful, trendy or even classic, the bag must be functional. Olivia + Joy handbags offer this perfect balance.

Olivia + Joy, stylish handbangs for every woman
Cristine Struble

Olivia + Joy offers a variety of handbags for any occasion. From a chic clutch to functional satchel, Olivia + Joy bags are a staple in any closet. The key to this line of accessories is the price point, which is affordable for high fashion accessory. Many women want to change bags with every trend. Unfortunately, this plan can leave women with a closet full of accessories but an empty wallet. With Olivia + Joy, women can have the "it" accessories with money left over for a girls night out.

Since women want a balance of femininity and strength, Olivia + Joy seeks to balance the inner flirty girl with the edgy, modern woman. From pale pastels to bold contrasts, colors plays off the a woman's mood. With versatility as a selling point, the current line updates classic silhouettes with increased functionality. The stylish woman can go from shopping at the market to dinner out without having to switch to a new bag.

For the woman looking for a functional, stylish satchel for the fall, the St. Monica Double Handle fits the bill. This satchel works from a day at the office to dinner out. The black, textured surface adds visual interest to balance the bold gold clasp and zipper accents. With an inner color detail, the little touches add to the sophisticated appeal of the satchel.

The size of this satchel allows for a large amount room without becoming cumbersome. An ipad or tablet can easily fit with a wallet, cosmetic case and other must carry items. The purse interior offers a zipper pocket and other pockets. These items are perfect to keep keys, a phone or lipstick from falling into the bottom of the purse.

The St. Monica Double Handle is approximately 11" H, 13.5" L 4" W and offers a 9" double handle drop. It comes in black and dark brown. The St. Monica Double Handle retails for approximately $98 at Olivia + Joy website.